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About Us

More than ever before, markets in the 21st Century have become much more competitive. In order to survive in business, businesses need to be more aggressive and innovative. To acquire new markets and expand their businesses, there is an inevitable need for goods and services to be sold on credit to prospective or existing customers. Ironically, the survival of these businesses is largely dependent on their ability to recover debts associated with such expansion. Today, the entire economy of most countries is dependent on credit. Hence, the survival of the 21st Century's world economy is dependent on effective debt collection.

Inevitably, the service of a debt collection agency with experience in collection of both consumer and commercial debts across borders is indeed invaluable. This is because for businesses to grapple with the exigency of the time and survive the rough tide, outstanding debts must be recovered while preserving existing business relationship with the debtors. This is what Fred-Young Recoveries have managed to consistently achieve.

We are a full service debt collection firm in Nigeria with offices in Abuja, Nigeria. With our seasoned team of debt collectors and agents across borders, we have a reputation for prompt debt collection worldwide. We are Members of International Credit Exchange and our services is retained by global brands including CCI Credit Management, Alpha & Leaders Risks and Assets Management Co. Ltd, Imo State Microfinance Bank, Banex Group Limited, Banex Microfinance Bank, FINVEST Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited amongst others.

With a track record of integrity, innovation, competence, excellence and robust litigation and arbitration experience, we offer variety of debt collection mechanisms including negotiation, action to recovery debts, winding up proceedings, recovery of debts through administrative proceedings, arbitration and ADR proceedings.